Training Weekend, Larkhill 2014

Garrison Training Easter Weekend, Larkhill, Wiltshire, 18-20 April 2014

The Garrison's annual pre-season training event took place over the Easter bank holiday weekend at Larkhill in Wilshire. In contrast to last year's artic conditions, the weekend started bright and - remarkably for Larkhill - (almost) warm. Once again we were joined by a detachment from the Czech Republic, who as always made a fantastic contribution to the whole event.

As in previous years gunners and ATS practiced their drills in preparation for the various events scheduled for the summer. For the gunners this meant starting from the basics of bringing the guns into action, setting zero lines and GAPs, loading and misfire drills, understanding fire discipline and translating this into simulated fire missions. All this was then put into practice on the final day exercise, including self-catering in the field by detachment. Meanwhile the ATS spent the first day working on their searchlight drills, before dedicating the next day to various aspects of driving and vehicle directing, and the final day to practising the plotting board routines. The ATS were also put through their footdrill paces by Barry Baxter, who amongst his many talents is also a qualified army drill instructor.

Although the weather closed in on Sunday, thankfully the worst of the rain held off until the end of the day. Overall the weekend was a tremendous success, and everyone seemed to have an enjoyable and useful time.