Training weekend, Larkhill 2013

Garrison Training Easter Weekend, Larkhill, Wiltshire, 28-30 March 2013

The Garrison's pre-season training event took place over the Easter bank holiday weekend at Larkhill in Wilshire. Despite the unseasonable cold weather, the event was a great success. Careful planning and scheduling meant that there was plenty of warm indoor accommodation available, and time spent standing around outside was kept to a minimum. Along with a good turn-out of British members, the event was given a truly international feel with the attendance of detachments from Belgium and the Czech Republic, together with representatives of Canada and the USA.

Over the course of the three days, gunners and ATS practiced their drills, dusting off cobwebs and preparing for the various events scheduled for the summer. For the gunners this meant starting from the basics of bringing the guns into action, setting zero lines and GAPs, loading and misfire drills, understanding fire discipline and translating this into missions. All this was then put together in a series of demonstrations on Sunday morning. Meanwhile the ATS, including four from the Czech Republic, worked on generator and searchlight drills, culminating with impressive lighting-up displays each night.

In all another great training weekend that was both great fun and which will undoubtedly help improve the group’s public displays. Thanks as always to Keith for making it happen, and Danni for the photographs. Further thanks to all our Czech, Belgian, Canadian and American friends for making the effort to attend and for putting-up with being ordered about in English!