Yorkshire Wartime Experience 2012

The Yorkshire Wartime Experience, 22-24 June 2012

The venue was very promising, being a large farm between Leeds and Bradford.
We took 3 x 25pdrs and 1 X 5.5. and arrived on the Thursday/Friday.
Sadly this coincided with the arrival of a monsoon. The whole farm was rapidly turned into a quagmire with bogged vehicles and wet people everywhere.

We worked hard, got wet and dirty, laughed a lot and learned a great deal about our kit in these conditions. Frank’s Quad proved very capable indeed, as did Denis’s Tilly. The Militant, lacking all-wheel drive, was hopeless when trying to tow the 5.5’’. Even the Matador showed its limitations, especially when trying to tow a 25pdr that had partly shed a tyre, which was preventing the wheel revolving. We had great fun changing the wheel with the lower wheel nuts in mud, a foot below ground level.

We did our standard arena display on both days, but on the Sunday had to use the quad to push the gun fully off the platform, as it sunk into the mud as soon as the tyres left the edge of the platform.
A star of the show was an American High Speed Tractor which rescued the Militant and the 5.5’’. A really fabulous vehicle with a super driver.

The show is to be repeated next year and should be good, unless there is a repeat of this year's weather.
On balance I suspect that Evesham Event may have had the edge!