Rufford Abbey 2011

Rufford Abbey, 10th and 11th September 2011

Eleven members of 69th Field attended. Mark supplied his immaculate Gun set and Denis brought Fred’s old Tilly as the CP vehicle. Mike provided the tentage and Frank and John did the catering.

On both days we did a full arena display, firing 8 rounds, and then supported the East Yorks with their display, firing a further 3 rounds.

Between the arena events we did a full static display of the Gun set, the CP kit, and the cooking kit. Frank’s plastic shells were a particular hit with the public, as was his petrol cooker.

The weather was mercifully kind, with the only downpour being a real monsoon, which happened whilst we were in the pub.

We had excellent feed-back from both the organisers and the crowd, and enjoyed a few beers on both evenings too.

A really good weekend.