Eton College 2011

Eton College Tattoo 2011

Sunday 29th May
Mel and Mike deliver the 2 Leeds Quads to the Eton CCF compound to join the 2 pre positioned 25pdrs and limbers. Chris has kindly lent his Quad for the event although he cannot attend.
Monday 30th May
Jonathan, Don, Keith, Tracey , Michael, Cliff and Rodney arrive together with Andy Dawson and the Searchlight and Paul with his White scout car. Training the Cadets in the afternoon culminating in the dress rehearsal for the Tattoo in the evening . Mike’s Quad blows its head gasket resulting in a mechanical epic by Rodney and Mike finishing at 3.00am. The new head gasket also leaks......
Tuesday 31st May
Decision made to have the head skimmed, so it is removed again. Tracey takes Mike to have it done. Andy takes Mike’s Quad to Larkhill on his truck, collects Rodney’s Quad and returns to Eton for the Tattoo.
The Tattoo goes brilliantly with the boys’ gun team representing 50th (Tyne Tees) Div narrowly beating 49th (West Riding) Div in the gun race. The search light is a great spectacle. Our efforts are universally praised and the evening ends with a few (?) drinks in the Mess.